Different modules for Google Earth

Cruises in Real Time

Cruise the world

http://www.costa.itGoogle Earth 3Google Earth 4
Cruises sailing the WorldXCruises around the World

Flights in near Real Time

Fly to the USA on a datastream

FBOWEB.COMdataGoogle Earth 3Google Earth 4
All airports in one simple packageXSimple Package
Get on the pilots seat with a 360 deg view
NEW: talk with your passengers through Skype (optional)
NEWER: links to real RealTime flight and arrival data added
XRealTime flying 3D plane

(second option)
Data with a choice to follow a flight in 3D
as if you were on the pilots seat.
This module is quite different as it requires javascript and ActiveX.
It only collects changed data from the internet and calculates
the model of the plane on your PC.
You might have to pass all kinds of security warnings.

Create a 360 degrees view from a given point and altitude

Click image to open in Google Earth

Click image to open in Google Earth

Build a house in Amsterdam


This WAS a pre-free-sketchup module.
Since then I also develloped these: models